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Majed Al-Mutairi

Majed Al-Mutairi President

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Majed Al-Mutairi spearheaded the establishment of the SAP Users Group in the region back in 1994, a time when there had only been 6 SAP accounts in the region. From the years 1997 to 2006, Majed carried numerous roles in the Saudi Aramco Computer Center. One of which included Project Management for one of the largest SAP rollouts in Saudi Aramco, in the Company’s industrial facilities. This project encompassed 7000 users and 42 Departments ( i.e. Gas Plants, Producing Facilities, Refineries, Communities, etc). Another role was to head the SAP Change Management program in the Company, which affected all of the 33000 SAP users company-wide. Other experiences include being an IT Department Manager and SAP Project Manger at SABIC, as well as the Computer Applications Division Head at SCECO, in Saudi Arabia.

Saji P. Oommen

Saji P. Oommen Members and Partners Director

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Saji Oommen is General Manager (Group Information Technology ) at Al Batha Group in the UAE. He is a Post Graduate Engineer in Computer Science and has around 23 years experience in IT. He is involved with SAP solutions from 1998.

Esam Hadi

Esam Hadi Public Relations and Events Director

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Esam Hadi, the manager of Aluminium Bahrain Information Technology Department, has been with Alba for more than 26 years and has successfully spearheaded high value IT projects within the company. He has managed many key IT related initiatives at Alba such as Line 5 IT requirements studies, SAP-MES integration project and SAP upgrade projects. He was involved in leading an in-house IT team that was responsible for activating SAP approval services through Blackberry, and in the process, making Alba the first company in the entire GCC to launch such a service for its employees.
Esam Hadi is currently responsible for all IT related services throughout the organisation, which includes providing hardware and software support for operation automation and business systems.

Salem Al-Angari

Salem Al-Angari Past President

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With an extensive experience, spanning more than 24 years, in Information Technology, Salem spent the first 16 years of his career in the support of operating systems of various computing technologies. Working in Saudi Aramco over these years, he has witnessed the evolution of computing technology, from the Mainframe to Client Servers, and then to ERP Solutions using SAP. Salem has worked with SAP since 2001, responsible for the SAP BASIS Division for all SAP R3 in Saudi Aramco, during the initial SAP Go- Live phase. Since June 2002, he has been responsible for the SAP BW implementation for all business areas at Saudi Aramco, which is considered among the top 5 installations worldwide. Currently Salem is responsible for a number of IT projects to enhance and optimize the Supply Chain network, including advanced warehouse logistics and catalogue process reengineering.

Barrak Al-Mattar

Barrak Al-Mattar Executive Exchange, Special interest groups

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Barrak is Community office of UG. In this role he is responsible for Executive Exchange, Special interest groups. Al-Mattar joined User Group in 2014.

Since 2015 and Barrak is the head of IT Infrastructure, covering Data center, Systems, Network and telecom, Data base, cloud strategy. Prior to that, Barrak was leading (SAP Applications Group). In that role he was Leading the SAP team, SAP implementations, Mobility, Setting strategies and alignments with various business leaders in the organization. he reports to IT Leader, Information Technology under the Technical services division.

Al-Mattar joined EQUATE in 2002, and was previously SAP SMS ( Subject Matter Expert) of Material Managements Department. 

Prior to joining EQUATE, Al-Mattar was Ta Product Developer of business development in The Investment Dar (Kuwait).

Al-Mattar holds a bachelor’s degree in MIS from Kuwait University, in Kuwait.

Other Details:

  • Board Member of Maya Company (non profit organization for social responsibility).
  • Squash professional Player
  • Member of Thukhur Program (Entrepreneur and Corporate Innovation)


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