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The SAP Listens Customer Feedback Program: How satisfied are you?

SAP transforms its way of listening to customers

Customer experience is important to SAP that they have made it one of their key strategic goals. SAP will measure the customer satisfaction by using the metric Net Promoter score (NPS). SAP wants to work on building long-term relationships based on customer experiences, in order to build loyalty. SAP aims to achieve this by listening to their customers and responding to their challenges. The new SAP Listens survey program is an important channel for customers to provide constructive feedback to SAP.

The SAP Listens survey program has a new and simplified survey questionnaire that takes less than five minutes to complete and strives to align SAP’s actions with customer priorities.

The NPS gives a more complete picture of customer loyalty as it answers the question of how likely customers would be to recommend SAP.

SUGMENA strongly encourages your participation in the 2013 customer survey that SAP will start in October 2013.

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