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Web Presence

SAP User Groups

User groups provide a valuable channel through which SAP gathers feedback concerning the problems and requirements of its users in all technical and functional areas of interest. User groups allow SAP and SAP users to exchange information of mutual interest and value. Additionally, SAP users have the opportunity to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas.

Global User Group Organization Vision

To ensure all customers have the opportunity to participate in a network of vibrant, meaningful and growing SAP User Group Communities world-wide.

Our vision is to provide every customer with access to an SAP User Group so they can easily share information and receive education about SAP's products, solutions, technologies and services, network with peers, learn how to optimize their SAP investment and have the opportunity to influence SAP's future product direction

To advocate on behalf of both SAP and its customers, using our strategic relationships with SAP User Groups as a powerful multiplier for two-way communication.

Our core competency is establishing a strategic partnership with our SAP customer user groups. We mutually craft and execute short and long term action plans focused on their future direction and growth, and we help establish new SAP User Groups in key SAP markets.

We serve as a major communications channel on matters related to influencing SAP's future product direction by obtaining candid customer feedback, communicating it to the appropriate SAP stakeholders, monitoring results and closing the loop with our customers.

We help create demand for SAP products and services by show casing the latest SAP innovations to them through events, forums and direct customer contact.

The Web Presence on the SAP Service Marketplace(SMP) was created to provide easy structure and transparency about relevant information within SAP. It is a living structure and will change.

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Access: The SAP Service Marketplace is restricted for SAP Customers and Partners only, thus a valid S- or C-User

ID is required.

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